Practice areas

Civil law

The firm offers consultation, judicial and extrajudicial representation in the various areas of private law and
specifically in matters regarding property and real estate rights, obligations, and contracts (purchase and
sale, procurement, rentals), damage compensation, including when due to medical responsibility

Real estate

The Firm offers consultation and assistance to both individual clients and enterprises regarding the
negotiation and redaction of real estate contracts, including the sale, purchase, and rental of buildings with
residential purposes, as well as representation in related civil controversies.

Family, inheritance
and wills

The Firm offers consultation and assistance during separation and divorce procedures and through
controversies relating to interpersonal relationships, in and outside of marriage.
It also offers assistance with everything relating to patrimonial relationships within a couple, child custody, and regarding minors’wellbeing.
It also offers judicial and extrajudicial assistance and representation in hereditary and succession controversies.

Bankruptcy, corporate and

The Firm offers consultation and assistance in the negotiation, drawing up, and execution of commercial
contracts, in the management and recoupment of credit, in ordinary and extraordinary enterprise
management, and related contentions. It assists and represents enterprises and private citizens in
bankruptcy and insolvency procedures.